Bolus set & BS10

Our aim is to continue and optimize our products, as well as sales and services for you and your patients. For this reason, in addition to the bolus set (293V0000010WA), we have developed our bolus set BS10 (297V0000010WA) for better contrast agent application in follow-up care. This has been supplemented with components that ensure better and safer use outside of sterile areas. The following table illustrates the differences:

Bolus set


Bolus set

• 2x 10ml syringes
• Hose
• Special bolus cannula
• Instructions for use

Bolus set BS10

• 2x 10ml syringes
• Hose with 1-way tap
• 1x special bolus cannula
• Filters
• Perforated cloth
• Instructions for use

*Manufacturer ECOMEDIS Medizintechnik GmbH

**Medizintechnik PROMEDT GmbH Medizintechnik PROMEDT GmbH